Many industries rely on chemicals as an integral part of their production process. Regardless of the kind of manufacturing business you are in, your product was made in part with chemicals. The logistics involved with the import/export, transportation and storage of chemicals is complicated and needs to be handled by experts with many years of experience in the industry. There are also many regulations and restrictions as it relates to the safe transportation of chemicals and every country has its own set of rules.

Our chemical shipping logistics services include:

  • Expert consultation on rules/regulations pertaining to the shipment of chemicals.
  • Management of customs document preparation and clearances.
  • Ensure the safety of people, the environment and products during transit.
  • Precision guidance on the best way to transport different chemicals.
  • Clean, safe and secure storage facilities available.
  • Management of all required paperwork, labeling and licenses in order to ship product.
  • Proactive, rapid response customer service teams.

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The transporting and storage of chemicals should not be left to inexperienced people, as the need for safety and assured delivery are too great. You can count on the dedicated professionals at MOL Logistics USA to handle every aspect of your chemical logistics needs. Our many customers have turned to us as a trusted partner and so can you. Contact us today to learn more about how we can make the complicated job of transporting chemicals around the world much easier for your operation.

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