The fashion industry is under constant pressure as it relates to production costs, the life span of fashion trends and seasonal demands. MOL Logistics USA has been working with the fashion industry for many years to make sure that its products arrive to their destinations on time and undamaged. Our customers have relied on us to transport their items all over the world.

Our cosmetics & clothing shipping solution services include:

  • Consultation on the best way to ship product based on need.
  • Management of all required import/export licenses.
  • Customs documentation and clearances.
  • Dry, clean storage space available.
  • Inventory control management
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When doing business in an industry as volatile as the fashion trade, you cannot trust your important logistics and shipping requirements to just anyone. Contact the professionals at MOL Logistics USA today and learn more about why so many customers have chosen us to be their trusted partner. You can be assured that we will get your fashion merchandise to its intended location on time and in perfect condition.

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