Food can be the most perishable products to ship and can be prone to spoilage, damage or destruction. MOL Logistics USA has many years of experience in shipping food products all over the world. We understand the fragile nature of this kind of cargo and can expertly handle the logistics involved in getting it to its destination safely and in fresh condition.

Here are some of the food shipping solutions that we can offer to the industry:

  • Guaranteed, consistent refrigeration.
  • Expert management of all import/export licenses.
  • Customs preparation and clearance.
  • Clean, safe and cold storage facilities.
  • Shipping containers impenetrable to rodents or animals.

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The investment in producing high quality food products is substantial and those products can be ruined during transit left in the hands of inexperienced people. Contact us today to learn more about how we have perfected the skill of shipping perishable food all over the world. Our customers have trusted us for many years and so can you.

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