The retail industry is constantly having to keep up with a volatile marketplace as it contends with regular changes in costs, competition and seasonal merchandise that is time sensitive. You can count on the dedicated professionals at MOL Logistics USA to help you not only get your retail products where they need to be in a timely fashion, but also expertly handle all of the logistics involved along the way. We fully understand the business costs involved in your shipments being delayed due to poor transit arrangements or incorrect customs paperwork being rejected.

Here are some of the retail shipping logistics services we can provide for the industry.

  • Arrange expedited shipping to ensure timely delivery.
  • Prepare customs paperwork and ensure clearance approvals.
  • Clean, secure storage is available.
  • Expert packing of products for shipment to avoid any damage.
  • Emergency or urgent transit services available.
  • Manage inventory to ensure no out of stock situations.

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The retail industry relies heavily on having the right products in stock at the appropriate time of year. A failure in the supply chain could cause great financial setbacks that need to be avoided at all costs. Let the experienced professionals at MOL Logistics USA show you how our years of experience can ensure that your products will arrive on time to your retail establishments, damage free.

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