Companies in the technology business have unique challenges. Very often their customers are relying on parts to arrive in order for their production lines to continue running. In addition, businesses that produce electronics, computers or semiconductors also have sensitive delivery commitments that have to be met. This kind of equipment is very fragile and it must be kept dry and free from physical damage. The team at MOL Logistics USA have many years of experience handling the logistics needs of technology companies and understand your unique business requirements.

Our technology shipping logistics services to the industry include:

  • Flexible & expert consultation on the best and most economical method of shipping your products.
  • Expert guidance on customs preparation and required licenses.
  • Clean, secure and dry storage facilities to ensure that your products arrive damage free.
  • Assistance with product quality checks.
  • Emergency or urgent shipping arrangements available.

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When it comes to the logistics of shipping, storing and packing hi-tech equipment, you can count on the experienced professionals at MOL Logistics USA to be your trusted partner. We understand the fragile and time sensitive nature of this kind of equipment and you can rest assured knowing that your products will be delivered on time and intact. Contact us today to learn more about how MOL Logistics USA can expertly handle all of your hi-tech shipping and logistics needs.

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