You can count on the professionals at MOL Logistics USA to handle every aspect of your air freight transport needs. We have decades of experience as air freight forwarders and are flexible enough to meet your unique business needs. MOL Logistics USA is a licensed, air freight forwarder and a TSA approved, indirect air carrier.

The Benefits Of Our Air Freight Services:

  • We have many shipping options to choose from that can fit any budget and delivery requirements.
  • Whether you have time to schedule a shipment well in advance or only 6 hours to arrange for an urgently needed part to arrive halfway around the world, MOL Logistics USA can get the job done with precision accuracy.
  • When it comes to knowing about how to clear air freight through customs, MOL Logistics USA can handle every detail of this complex task.
  • Our customer service support is readily available to help you track and monitor the progress of your air shipment. We believe that we are delivering much more than your air freight cargo – we also provide the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your shipment is being handled by the leaders in the logistics industry.
  • We can also arrange all risk insurance coverage to protect your shipment against loss or damage.

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