MOL Logistics USA has many years of experience in the domestic/ cross border trucking business. We provide the safest, most secure trucking service from Mexico into the United States and Canada. We can also arrange trucking shipments back to Mexico from these locations as well. 

There are many benefits to our cross border trucking operations:

  • Trailers are owned, operated and controlled by MOL Logistics USA.
  • Unique door to door, sealed trailer service. Our trailers are locked after pick up and not opened again until they reach their destination in U.S. or Canada.
  • MOL Logistics USA staff is tri-lingual (Spanish, English, Japanese), to ensure smooth communication among all business partners. We pride ourselves on understanding the culture and languages of all party countries.
  • Hot Shot services available upon request.
  • GPS tracking on all shipments.
  • Customs brokerage assistance and services available.
  • Expert coordination with “Just In Time” inventory models.

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MOL Logistics USA also specializes in truck shipments of raw materials from major ports (Los Angeles) to Texas and onto their final destination, Mexico. Finding domestic/cross border trucking solutions for every customers’ individual needs is the mission of our Texas facility!

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