You can rely on MOL Logistics USA to be your partner in securing the best and most efficient warehousing & distribution services. We create optimal solutions to suit your exact requirements.

The services of our warehouse & distribution division include:

  • Cost savings by outsourcing warehouse & distribution facilities.
  • Highly trained staff involved in inventory management, order picking and shipping, per your exact requirements.
  • Highly accurate record for part picking and sorting.
  • Responsive distribution team, who can get in demand inventory to your destination quickly.
  • Completely secure and temperature controlled facilities.
  • Total control over inventory with barcode technology, ensuring that nothing leaves the facility without strict approval and record keeping.

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If you are in need of the most efficient and proven warehouse and distribution services, look no further than MOL Logistics USA. We have the experience, facilities and technology to see that your cargo stays secure and is released under the watchful eye of experienced professionals.

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